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lol god i wish i could be like that
I get all guilty and think i shouldn't be bugging them.
Unfortunately they dont have an aswerphone and last i heard were moving from our gp surgery to somewhere else.

Trying track her down is more of a mission that getting an assessment, normally i have to ring the hospital and complain to get an appointment.
I'l keep trying monday as im fed up of not knowing about Jacks results, Im worried even more after my results otherday obviously its a concern as it can be herititery (sp).
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i was never like that, dont forget i have had 15 yrs of trying to get support lol, only reason i kept on last year with s/w was i really didnt like the woman and she had made it obvious she felt same about me (other professionals had noticed it) and she was trying to drag the respite for as long as possible so i would give up which finally i snapped as she had contributed to hubby getting ill from the stress of keeping matt from beating up on me as he didnt understand why he wasnt in respite anymore and thought it was me punishing him (i love how he thinks seeing as he is a spoilt teenager who is never punished we threaten to cancel trips but never actually do it as we too soft)
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So, don't worry about people from your past,there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future.

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