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Hi everyone,
first off just want to say sorry for not posting for a while, things have been so confusing lately my head is all over the place.

we had our holiday which was fab apart from jack almost drowning the first day and my great nan passing away a few days before we left.

I've started volunteering at Bradleys school to try and get some normality back into my life aswell as experience as a TA. Its really hard tho, some of the children are jacks age and seeing how they are so much more developed shocked me never realised he was so behind.

Things with jack are very confusing at the moment, we were told all along he had development delay and severe speech delay but now it seems to be changing.

The cow ST has left hes new one is fab, we only see her once but straight away she said its not a delay, shes getting a specialist to assess as its more of a disorder. she also said he shows many signs of autism but due to him starting to interact she dont want to label him yet.

He's getting more violent now bradley always covered in cuts and bruises, he kicks off over anything touching something, saying the wrong thing etc.

Nursery have noticed it too, they previously brushed it off but his teacher said yesterday about him being constantly hyper, flapping his arms constantly aswell as hurting other children (previously they never believed them until he attacked bradley there).
She used to be a SN teacher, she said to me yesterday i agree with you its not just speech, i think its autism and possibably ADHD too.

I've had to chase the pead again for an appointment 5th nov, now i'm wondering do i pressure them for assessment or hold off as they saying he'd too young.
sorry this is so long i've tried to cut everthing as short as possible

hope you all ok x
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Hi becky !! Glad to see you back Smile Smile things sound tough at the moment but glad to see you have a new speech therapist and people are backing you up now! Wouldn't hurt for them to do an assessment, if its inconclusive due to age they can always reassess again in after another 6months or so to see how he's getting along!

So sorry to hear about your nan Sad

Speak soon xx
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Thanks for replying Lucy x
Really glad to be back although i'm struggling for time to post lately due to appointments and helping at the school.
Completely shattered but feel were finally getting somewhere with jack and helps being at the school as i help a few children with SEN and a lovely little boy with speech delay.

OT rang yesterday shes refered him to a lady who deals with children with behaviour issues, not sure the offical name but fingerscrossed it will all help in the long run.

At the moment im just trying to decide about looking at the school SALT wants to refer jack to, it has a special speech unit but theres so much putting me off.
Its around 7miles away from our home which would cause big issues as traffic here a nightmare, plus my car not well and broken into tues so i need a new one Sad

I guess i got my hopes up he would go to the local school i help in as i work in reception seen how good they are with children, the head thinks the other school would be for the best.

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hi becky
matt was diagnosed at 2 1/2 so they shouldnt say he is too young and the things you describe sounds a lot like matt at that agethough he never attacked children only adults. if the school thats 7 miles away is what they recommend for his needs then they should supply transport to take him (i think its over 2 miles they get transport), you might find a specialist school will help with the aggression as he is more understood and they can help him find ways to work off his frustrations better than a mainstream where they are moving ahead of him

i remember doing admin course at college when matt was that age and i had to go to the nursery to do their admin as part of training and i couldnt stay in the room as they were singing frere jacques where they put their own name in it and that is what speech therapy had been doing with matt and he couldnt talk so you a lot stronger than i was back then i ended up leaving the course as they said i had to work there.
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Hey everyone
Thought id update here than start another thread, so yep the 'over obsessive nutty mother is back'

well thats what the pead was refering to me as but not in so many words.
Everything has taken big steps backwards, pead wrote to me saying basically she doesnt have any concerns and hinted at discharging Jack.

All stuff she said to me at the appointment were complete balls, she wasnt going to refer like she said, and apparently she never see any asd traits but at app she was pointing them out.

well the ST seems to have disappeared hasn't bothered with Jack for ages, she said he hs a disorder but hasnt even attended to confirm it. GRRR

Im fed up have alot of stress and to top it off i was being tested for lupus which was clear but came back positive for pernicious anaemia yesterday.
Im shattered had to take week off as i just cant function straight and just need a blinking break from Doctors and stress

hope your all well
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