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Well was at tribunal on 13th October (1st tribunal i won by unanimous decision, but DWP appealed it) this time i lost the appeal saying at the time of the decision which was (2 Nov 09) they dont think my son fitted the criteria for high rate mobility (He has high rate care and low rate mobility). This time there was a representative from the DWP who i found rather arrogant. I found this time very frustrating as i felt they didnt fully understand my sons diagnosis since its not so well regognised yet if they took time out to actually find out what it means and the affects it has on him, rather than guidelines for certain conditions after all medial conditions have different effects on each individual and the ones that are not in guidelines they should research fully through medical professionals rather than making general decisions. They have said i can apply for a supersession as the last year he has got worse but he turns 16 on 24th Oct so dont know if i should do a new claim under adult rules? or just wait till his award runs out in Oct 2012?

Sorry for the rant but just feel so frustrated!

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