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im wanting to move areas so i can be closer to special needs school and my partner work and it be closer to town for support groups etc

the borough im living at has only one special needs school and is 9 miles away
i cant afford private renting
is there any way of getting help to move
with housing or councill
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hi sweetgiz

Get the school to write a supporting letter of why its important for you to move (i take it you are in LA housing) my son doesn't like travelling much and we r hoping for a move nearer his m/s school have asked every agency thats involved for supporting letters and am told we have a good case to be moved.I presume that all LA are on the new property bidding system so u will need to register with them.Maybe u could try an exchange with some one in the area worth putting a notice up in a local shop someone might really want where u r hope this is helpful

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