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Our 7 year old son Travis is severly speech and is developmentally delayed. On Friday September 24 2010 approx 12:30pm at Travis's Elementary School, I received a phone call from his first grade teacher. She told me that she spanked my child in front of the entire class. The teacher stated Travis and her were pretty upset about the situation. She stated that Travis had been acting out all day, throwing pencils, interrupting the class etc. My question was, "Why did someone not intervene before it got to the point of a spanking?"

I brought up this one important fact: Last year in one of Travis's last IEP meetings I adamantly expressed that I felt as if our son needed more "specialized education" and a more unique class setting. I was told that it wasn't up to the school per se and that it would need to be assessed. I strongly feel that this wouldn't have happened if my concerns were met or even negotiated.
I mentioned that Travis has been complaining about children picking on him, making fun of him when the teachers back is turned. Unacceptable harassment or bullying is not called for and we won’t tolerate it. It seems like there are a lot of unanswered and untouched concerns. After mentioning this during my meeting during the spanking incident, I was shocked by the answer I received. Straight from the mouth of his teacher "I don't think that is happening." We all know how children are, and we are all aware that things happen behind the teachers back, on the playground in the bathrooms etc. To feel as if my concern was not valid enough to at least get some feedback on what the school is going to do or are doing to prevent it was again unacceptable.

Im at a loss right now. I am feeling like we have failed our child as his parents.
Thank you for reading and we appreciate any advice, comments etc...

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Hi travsmummy
Travis being spanked in the UK is a CHILD PROTECTION issue. Not sure where you are but where ever you are this is a physical assault on your son and is not allowed you need to report it to the appropriate authority
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I have to agree with Devonw, you need to report this matter to the police its absolutly disgraceful.
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i'm honestly not sure what to write but i did want to say that i am completely shocked. can i ask what has happened since to the teacher, is she still teaching your son. i completely agree if she realised the situation was getting out of control then why didn't she get help. i hope you have taken this further or at least intent to as this is completely inappropiate behaviour from the teacher
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i think the laws are different in America, i am sorry travsmommy i dont really have any answers as things differ regarding changing schools i would imagine in UK and America, do you have a social worker or equivalent who you can talk to?
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