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(10-29-2009, 09:48 AM)Sue Wrote: Well i got the book.
Am i the only one who feels daft when you first try it?
My little one just looks at me like an Alien.
Hope it starts to work as it seems like it has the possibility.
I would say its quite easy to pick up little pieces just remembering things can be difficult.

Just take it a bit at a time.

Just for interest.... most signs have a little 'story' attached to help you remember them. So.. for sister, you tap your nose twice with your index finger.. sis ter ( the sign suggests that sisters are nosey)
For brother... rub your knuckles up and down ( brother cause friction) ...lol

milk...milking a cow... etc

We felt daft at first, but then we all got into it. Even the grandparents can ask if you would like a drink!
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I would agree with Suzanne, just maybe pick one or two signs to begin with, if you bombard him with too many he'll just get confused. Say the word out loud clearly to re-enforce your sign. Get everyone involved, does he go to playgroup or nursery yet? It may take a while (possibly months even to begin with) but, my gosh it's worth it, the first time they sign back it's incredible, I nearly went through the ceiling!

Good luck x
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Im going to bear with it just after some tips really.
The ones about the story sound good,might try that.
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The story behind the signs really helps - this is where classes would probably help you - they often do them free its just finding out about them thats the problem.
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If you let me know where you are Sue,i will see if i can find anything in your area.
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