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its people like this that makes my blood boil, this is the reason why they want to bring caps in and i don't blame them really. (but don't touch us)

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You know, I would really LOVE to be able to go out and get a regular job! I worked full time from being 17 until just before I had Sam and I really miss the social aspect of going out to work. It is incredibly isolating being alone at home caring for a child with a disability and/or special needs. My skills are probably so rusty now no one would want me anyway Smile No employer would allow me all the time of for hospital visits either!
as you so rightfully said, we are doing a full time job anyway - it's 24/7 in this house - I haven't time to go to work and my brain is too addled from lack of sleep too!! lol

(incidentally, I DONT subscribe to Sky TV Wink and the only thing I tend to watch these days are documentaries - how depressing eh?)
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