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Bristle Block Spinaroos 75 Piece Set with Matching Storage Bin:

Around and around these blocks go. When you'll finally stop playing with them, nobody knows!
These bricks make an excellent sensory toy and at a great price.

They may look a little different, but these are the real Bristle Blocks you know and love. In "B" style they funkied them up a bit with modern colors, interesting faces, and parts that move and spin. But they're still the same classic Bristle Blocks (To me they are known as Stickle Bricks) that feel good in little hands and fit together with ease.


Twisty bases add movement and fun
Chunky, soft pieces are easy to connect and feel good in little hands
Beautiful, reusable bin for mom-friendly storage
Booklet filled with building ideas included

Auction Includes

75 Piece Set of Bristle Blocks
Storage bin
Booklet of ideas
KBM Games Experience

These are the same great Bristle Blocks we played with as Children, they have been updated with new colors and faces. Frankly, one of the best toys on the market. We have given every family member and friend a set of these classic toys over time. They are timeless, and provide hours of entertainment for your little one.

These toys normally retail at the price of between £39.99 and £49.99

These make an excellent christmas toy gift and we have secured these for only £28.99 plus £3.99 postage

So this represents a good saving.
Th product is the following set:


As the supplier we are getting these from are UK BASED we are delighted to offer 3-5 delivery on this products.

Looking for sensory toys at affordable prices then look no further

Sensory toys for children with special needs CLICK HERE
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