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I thought I'd post about my experience in the new Pizza Hut in Aberdeen the other month.

Findlay was in his pushchair as he cannot sit unaided and has his medical bag attached to his pushchair and his feeding pump attached. The guy told me where to park the pushchair and was about to go and get a highchair when I explained that Findlay was unable to use a highchair and needed to stay in his pushchair. He finally got the point and showed us to a table. It wasn't ideal as if anyone had been at the table next to us they'd have had Findlay right next to their seat and unable to move out without me having to move Findlay every time.

However shortly after ordering Findlay started screaming and screaming and getting himself all stressed about something. Due to his surgery he can't burp so needs to be vented through his gastrostomy when he cries or his tummy fills with air and causes him pain. I couldn't get his feeding tube unscrewed at all to vent him, the staff were very helpful and several of them tried to do it and couldn't manage either so one went off around a couple of other shops in search of a pair of pliers to use to get a good grip to unscrew it. They returned with pliers and got his tube undone for me so I could vent him.
Once I had got Findlay sorted the staff offered to reheat my pizza for me so it was nice and hot but by this point I was so stressed and upset (as I was worried all the customers were staring and would be getting cross with his screaming) I just wanted to go home so they put my pizza in a box for me and sorted out the bill really quickly.

Other than the guy who really didn't seem to understand the fact that Findlay couldn't use a highchair and needed to stay in his pushchair all the other staff were absolutely fantastic and went out of their way to help me in a stressful situation. Hats off to Pizza Hut!
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wow! thats a bit different to my experience at the pizza hut in Staines! Their idea of a wheelchair seat was basically squeezed into the middle of two tables, so neither us, nor the diners at the other table could move without moving the wheelchair. Goodness knows what they would have done if it was an adult chair!
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