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Sorry but defo need a rant, if you continue to read good luck lol!!

Evie will be 3 in nov and has CP she cannot sit unaided, crawl or walk. She has a great understanding and communicates like any other child her age.

She attends the local playgroup once a week for 3 hrs as thats all the funding they get for her one to one carer! I asked about 4 months ago if this could be upped but still waiting for a reply....
Anyhow i take Evie her Orlau standing frame with me and she has been supplied with a classroom chair (Leckey Easyseat) it has wheels on it and can be pulled backwards to transfer Evie from one table to another! However the 1:1 has been complaining of backache and the Ot went today to see her, now they have asked that i take Evie in, in her buggy which isnt special needs that she doesnt sit in properly for Evie to use in playgroup, i'm absolutely fuming with the fact they will not give her anything else to use!

What is the point in sending her into "school" as Evie calls it to sit in her pram!
Advice much needed please Smile

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Would it not be better for the OT to supply a chair which is suitable for your child and the teacher, my daughter has a squiggles chair, its fantastic, i to have back problems and when my oldest was in a chair similar to yours my back got worse, but the squiggles comes up to you so you don't have to bend to put her in. http://www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk/children/tilt_in_space-activity-chairs-p/squiggles-seating-system-0105537-2847-information.htm

I think its a disgrace for your child to go to school and remain in her pram and they shouldn't be asking you to do it. As for your daughter being in an unsuitable pram you should really bring this up with your OT, the better a child sits etc the better it will be for her long term. My Jessica is in a Bingo buggy http://www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk/children/tilt_in_space-buggies-p/bingo-0101934-2776-information.htm and its fantastic.
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Hi. Our daughter attended mainstream nursery when she was little. We went to our local charity to get them to purchase a Wombat chair from R82. It was quite expensive but worth it. The chair is high to low height adjustable, on wheels, tilts and reclines and you can have a tailor made support system and tray. she got on brilliantly with it. The other children also used to "help" her move from table to table.
The other bonus was that when she started school she took it with her so there was no delay in getting another chair funded.
We have now had 3 chairs and still love them.
hope you get it sorted.
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Is this supposed to be a temporary solution or a permanent one? Make sure you are clear about the situation before you blow your top at them, its best not to fall out Big Grin
If its permanent that is disgraceful! We have used 'up-down' chairs like the wombat since the early days and they are soooooo brill, like your other comments these chairs will last years and will save you from nasty back pain.
I know the OT has to take the 1:1's health into account but his/her response is pitiful and shows no respect for your daughter.
We were provided by R82 chairs by the health service - do your research and tell the OT your thoughts - they may think they can get away with not providing you with equipment if you dont know it exists...though Im sure this would never happen Heart
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oh donna this is terrible i hope u and evie are ok ,
really bad that is , y shud evie sit in a pram all day so not fair , and your pram really isnt suitable for the messy play they do at nurserys .
but really there must be more they can do u kno where i am mate xx
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