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Wow know exactly how you feel. My name is Erika, I live just outside Cardiff in South Wales and I have an 11year boy with aspergers and a 5year old boy with autism and a 19month old boy who has just been referred as he doesnt talk Sad

Its so hard xx
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hello my name is julie i have 4 children my oldest has autism and is 15 years old, my oldest daughter is 13 and has severve language delay, social communication disorder, my next daughter is 12 she has a languge disorder and social communication disorder and epilepsy. my youngest is 5 and is being ascessed for ASD. All four children have statements and my oldest 3 go to an independent special school. My next problem is findind a suitable 6th form for my oldest who is in year11 he finds it far to difficult to be in a crowded class room so fingers crossed the LA agree to 6th form at his current school. we live i suffolk and i help to run the lowestoft branch of the national autistic society. so if anyone lives in suffolk let me know and i can get you information of when we meet ect.
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Hi I am mum to a nearly 15 year old Asperger's son, as well as a 18 year old daughter. I am on my own and it gets so lonely especially this time of the year. I am in the north west of England.

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