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Its really horrible getting that diagnosis. I already knew it but I still cried & said "are you definately sure?". Its also really hard leading up to the diagnosis where I was reading up on it all & everytime Owen did something "autistic" I wanted to correct him and wanted to scream "NOOOOOO DONT DO THAT!" like I wanted it not to happen. Now I can see that its important to let him have his enjoyment and feel a bit sorry that he's constantly nagged to be just like everyone else. I don't mind taking him to watch the escalators go round and round in marks & spencer instead of to the park because thats what he enjoys. Although I like seeing him play with his mainstream friends I also love watching him have a friend round & have great fun lining up all the cars together - in a way its a lot nicer. Don't worry because we're all here for you. xxx
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Sounds like our asda visit when he crys to go and see the manquins and shake there hands and say "how do you do?"
The thing i find funny is when you come close to the diagnosis and everything just becomes so clear why they do the things they are.
For example just the little things like when his cars were not in the room he would replace it with another stim for example running to the door frame on every program at the start and slide down it like fireman sam on his pole even if he was watching the news headlines on the hour
I actually find myself right now anaylsing him and thinking theres another classic sign!!!

Its funny because it would come as a blow to many but because of his exsisting condition i just take it on the chin and see it as just as another part of special Euan for although i often feel sad about i also feel so blessed and previleged to have had.
Hes just a little boy who although has caused me pain along the way has just brought such a whole new meaning to life for me and stirred up feelings emotions i just never knew i had.
Anyway the long post if over thats why you get when i awake at 1am and start typing
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the cars are so well placed, they are patterned with red cars every so often. very intricate, the lining up and the behaviours sound very much like autism. i think when you know you know, with my son i knew. with my daughter however i didnt want to know, i didnt want her to be autistic - if you know what i mean, i didnt want to accept it at all. i wanted to scream at the doctor 'no you have it wrong', but with reece i knew and was screaming out to the world about his autism.

but in my case i have to fight mostly to get others to acknowledge it enough to make a diagnosis, i recently went to a meeting of mums with autistic children ' rainbow shine'. they problems they had getting a diagnosis, some mums were told they were dealing with it well so no need for a diagnosis. some mums said because everything was in place at school they didnt get a diagnosis. most of them didnt get a diagnosis until they screamed for it. some doctors think one diagnosis is enough and scrape past autism.

i wouldnt change my childrens autism for the world, i bet everyone will agree about how proud they feel when there child just calls you mum or dad, or does a picture and gestures its for you. they have had to try so hard to do the simplest of things. i would change the hurt and upset they have to go through to be part of normal life.
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He slightly changed it today and im not sure if thats a good or bad thing......hes moved from JUST using his cars, to using other things and not including the cars. He tipped out a box of toys and started with the box then used books, his plane, one of alfies toys and a piece of folded paper. then he just turned around and walked away from it......i am going to discuss all this with the lady at his group assessments on monday, see what she says (if anything :/)

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let us know how you get on lucy when you go on monday

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