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Yesterday an article appeared in the Daily Express.
Let us know your views on the article
The article is as follows:


Article by Julia Hartley-Brewer

THE revelation that some 750,000 children have been wrongly diagnosed with “special needs” came as little surprise to anyone without a severe learning difficulty.

According to Ofsted, the schools inspection body, up to half of so-called “special needs” children are wrongly diagnosed with behavioural, emotional or social problems when it turns out that the only special need they really have isn’t so special after all: to have good teachers.

It’s been blatantly obvious to anyone who’s had any contact with schools in the past few decades that the “excuses” culture has taken over the desire to push our children to do their best.

Anyone below average intelligence must have the excuse of a medical or psychological disorder. No one, it seems, is just plain stupid any more. Everyone’s dyslexic or autistic or some other “ic”, whether they’re genuinely suffering from a serious problem or they just can’t be bothered to do their homework.

Yet Ofsted has missed a trick. The special need that many of these “misdiagnosed” children have is not just decent teaching in the classroom but decent parents. I’ll bet good money that there are very few children who come from homes with parents who are in work, give consistent love and discipline, with a sensible bedtime and healthy meals, who have that oh-so-mysterious affliction of “attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder” or ADHD.

I wonder how many children who eat toast and fruit for breakfast at the table after a good night’s sleep are categorised as “special needs” compared with those who scoff a Mars bar and a can of Coke on their way to school after playing a computer

All children have needs but, for most of them, those needs are remarkably unspecial. Love, attention, good food, exercise and sleep. That’s really about it. It’s the failure to meet those basic needs which has turned the “special needs” industry into one big excuse for bad teachers and bad parents.
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I was so disgusted when i read this earlier on facebook!!! I cant believe it! When i was younger (as some of you know i have aspergers syndrome) they never diagnosed me with anything, they always made out like it was my parents fault that i was the way i was, and i thought that was all in the past, i never want Seliona to have to go through what i have had to go through as a child as they thought nothing was wrong with me and i can see it could happen if people start writing stupid things like this!! Seliona hardley ever eats bad food as she doesnt like it, she hates crisps and is not that bothered about eating chocolate and sweets, and would much prefer healthy food, fruit, yoghurts etc. Ok she doesnt sleep well but that has nothing to do with me as a parent, she has a bath, quiet time and is then in bed by 8pm, she has no computers or tvs or anything like that in her room that is going to make her not sleep but she doesnt sleep because she finds it hard to calm down and relax so wont sleep for 2 to3 hrs after i have put her to bed. I know im not going to be the only one who thinks this article needs shoving up the backside of both the person who wrote it and the person who let it go to press!! I have never said im a perfect parent but i am definatly causing Seliona to have autism!! And its not even that easy to get a diagnosis so its not like people are being overdiagnosed! I think i will stop going on now, i think you get my drift! Im not happy with this article at all and cant believe that it has been written, imagine how many people would actually read it that dont have children with special needs and think it is true! I would like to say the person who wrote this should come and stay with some families for a couple of weeks who have children with special needs and see if it is how they first thought as they would soon change their minds!!!!
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hahahaha, I have just seen this!! Well if only it were the case. Oh don't worry darling I know you have an awful time and you get very confused etc but if you just eat fruit and live a perfect life you too will be perfect. Never mind that you can't sleep and you scream with exhaustion because you cannot sleep have a banana and all will be well.

What a load of old tosh!! This is the most judgmental thing I have seen in a long time and I am surprised they can get away with it. I wouldn't be shocked if it was some propaganda mission to stop them diagnosing children and then they could save money because children without special needs cost a lot loess then children with them.

I agree that they should be forced to spend time with children with special needs and see if their wonderful plans of fruit and good sleep work or if they fall flat on their face which of course they would!!

Whilst I agree more diagnosis are given these days that has more to do with the doctors being more informed and having more knowledge then anything else. I do think too many children are diagnosed with dyslexia and adhd and add but that is because I have seen children ploughed with drugs when all they need is a bit more patience and understanding. I am not saying that ALL children or even most children fall into this but some of them do but to say the things said in the article is wrong and to imply it is the parents fault is disgusting. I wonder what they would say if the prime ministers children were diagnosed with special needs would it then be his fault? I think not!!!!!!!

God the predudice in this world gets worse daily I really do fear for the world my son will grow up into!!!
ugh damn auto complete *prejudice*
Will I EVER stop having to fight for my son to have what he NEEDS!? Huh
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I myself fully agree with this report ,there are children with special needs and then there are those who are labelled as having special needs because of their up bringing etc.

My sister is an alcoholic and her child was taken in to care ,he had huge behaviour problems and was diagnosed as having ADD. I fought for him and hes has turned out a wonderful young man ,hes 17 yrs old now and no he does not have ADD and has never had ADD his behavior was a result of bad parenting and neglect.

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while there may be some children who are mislabelled due to upbringing it is nowhere near the amount they seem to state it is. Autism especially is very hard to get a diagnosis of even when they display a great deal of the behaviours. you are commenting on your nephew and to be honest diagnosing was done with little delving into backgrounds and looking any deeper which they now do more of, i know of a lad myself but again he is 16. to say that good parents dont have children with adhd or autism or dyslexia (i have a friend who is in her 30's who has it and so has her son and she was bought up very well) is ridiculous the same way that there are children who have bad parents who grow up to be fine. i grew up in a time where if you were from a "broken" home it was thought u would never form a good relationship and would get into trouble and all sorts of bad things,and my husbands dad died when he was 5 so he was effectively raised by a single parent we have been married for nearly 20 years and my brother for 13yrs. it all goes to show that you cannot compartmentalise any type of family and the way children will be based on that.
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