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Just get someone else to take it on for you, sign a consent form at DIAL,the CAB or even a legal aid solicitor telling them that as they have chosen to ignore your reasonable requests you have found it necessary to ask for professional support in dealing with this urgent matter ...... seriously, there are many advisers and solicitors who would love to take this from you and get it sorted Smile
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thank you, its such a shame you have to fight for everything, nothing seems to come easy
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give fatherjack or daniel a shout they are v good with the right words to put down in a letter, i am hopeless so end up phoning and getting upset half the time hehe. if you phone up and speak to someone sympathetic tell them how its affecting your life as its not safe for your daughter being in house alone while you get things from car or trying to cross road with her and your son, you are not asking for too much its just different councils have different ideas of what constitutes a disability so we have to show them what a disability is (bearing in mind how hard it is to get dla in first place) here if you are in a wheelchair they will walk over coals but guess i havent really fought for anything much from council, who knows i might have got driveway done and if i have time i might ask how some private houses had theirs done free just because a car park was being built nearby and there was regeneration cash while all we got was crappy grids put on grass verges to park on pavement (yeah with a bad pub just down road i am parking even closer to where they walk why dont i just kick the mirrors off for them Big Grin) so u might be lucky in that they recognise all disabilities
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Do you have a support/key worker that might be able to help you with the council.

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