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Here we have some fantastic finger lights.
They can be placed on your finger like a ring or can be held in the hand.

The pack of finger lights are versatile finger lights so you can use them with the fiber optic attachments or you can use them without the fiber optic attachments as simple finger lights.

Some people were concerned that the fiber optic version may not be suitable for there children however these lights solve that problem as they can be adapted to have the fiber optics or without the fiber optics.

Below are the picture on how these lights can be adapted to suit your child:

Below is the picture with the fiber optics:


And below is a picture on how the lights work without the fiber optics:

You can order by clicking the right option below:

Pay for one pack including delivery click here TOTAL PRICE £3.99

Pay for two packs and delivery TOTAL PRICE 7.98

Pay for 3 packs here and only pay £1.99 for postage TOTAL PRICE £10.96

Pay for 4 packs here and only pay £1.99 postage TOTAL PRICE £13.95

Buy 5 packs and delivery for £15
Looking for sensory toys at affordable prices then look no further

Sensory toys for children with special needs CLICK HERE
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will make good stocking fillers, yes its that time of year again Sad

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