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hi all was wondering if anyone is going through or has been through wanting i going through, up until recently i was a single mum split with my Children father over 5 yrs ago, the problem is i have a son with global delay, he can't walk or talk etc etc my son's father does not do anything with him, won't take him to play centres, swimming etc etc says whats the point he can't do anything he's an enabled bodied child and can't play like other Children, he's even contacted me and said he wouldn't have him the next morning cos it was going rain......... what can i do or say. it makes me sick to think he thinks of my son like that, but said i would be wasting my time taking him to court to sort it out because the courts wouldn't see it as an issue.... anyone have any advise please..Angry
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How bad is that..... he sounds a total loser if he cant do things with his child that are fun and stimulating.
You can reduce his contact and make him go to court to prove his parenting abilities but you may just be playing into his hands on that one Sad
Thankfully you are a good parent and your boy spends most of his time with you so you will be the main influence Smile
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I'm not in your situation but I wouldn't push it if I were you, he doesn't sound like he desrves to spend time with him if he's not prepared to make the effort. By the sounds of it he sees him as an inconvenience and like fatherjack said, it probably would just be probably playing into his hands by going to court etc. Unfortunatly I think unless you can somehow change his view point or enthusiasm then I think as a parent I'd rather he be in my care than with someone who let's him down Sad ....some people really astound me Angry

Long term you will come off better because you will reap all the reward from the amazing care you've given and he'll miss it all. More fool him

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hi there i was in the same situation as you about 2 and a half years ago and i have one older than amy and one younger and there father left and didn't want to know i tried and tried but nothing then i met someone new and they all call him dad now no one made them call him dad. and then we had a little girl together and their dad stll dont want to know to this day so i say dont waste your time if he wanted to know he would of wanted to know by now xx
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Hi my ex is like this too, which is mainly why he is now my ex!!!

He sees my 2 boys for a couple of hours every 6-8 weeks and I wish he didn't bother! It just upsets my eldest who has cp.

But I am now married to a wonderful man who the boys call Dad, he loves them both and would adopt them tomorrow.

My ex cannot accept that he has a 'less than perfect' child, his loss.

I wish he would just not bother with them at all, instead of just seeing them on the odd occasion, when he feels guilty!


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