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hi everyone, hoping to chat with someone with similar circumstances. my son josh is 19 now, he was ok when he was born and fine til about 12 months old. he'd started to crawl, played with toys etc, then overnight he lost any skills he'd gained. years of tests couldn't give us a diagnosis. its similar to cerebal palsy. he's physically disabled in a wheelchair. low muscletone, difficult speech. but very bright and a typical teenager. he now goes to his local college doing music technology and loving it. he has a p.a who takes him out to pubs and clubbing so he's enjoying life. love to hear from members x
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Hello My name is Rachel i have twin boys Mason and Morgan age 7, born 4 days apart both with disabilities, Mason who is the eldest was born at 24+1wks and due to being early suffered grade 3 bleed to the brain, quad spastic CP, unsafe swallow and can aspirate so he got miky button now and nil by mouth.Mason is the bravest boy ive ever known he spent the first 7months in SCBU, he have had many of ops and will be going to Bristol Childrens Hospital 7/4/16 to have his hips broke and reset which is way overdue.
Morgan he has Cp on the right side of his brain which affects the whole of his leftside. At the age of 2 Morgan started having prolonged seizures which was really scary to see and at one time he was sedated in ICU. Both boys are globally delayed , both unable to walk or tend to any basic needs, both attend special needs school and both are the happiest kiddies around..
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Hi my name is Eliya Stromberg.
I have a 3 children and the middle one is a boy with Down Syndrome. He is 27 years old, and a real sports man. A gold medal special Olympian and many other achievements.
My journey has been a long and hard one, but we (my wife and I) feel very rewarded.
As a trained educator (PhD) and life coach many people have asked me to help them throughout there journey, so I am trying to put together a free workshop for parents to help them avoid all the mistakes I made. But I need your help. I want to know what are the biggest things YOU are challenged with.
Here's the question - When it comes to raising your child with special needs, what is the single biggest challenge, frustration or problem that you've been struggling with?

Please, I need your help to help others!
Click here to help me

I will use your input to put together the workshop.

Thanks so much I really appreciate it!

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