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at the moment i think matthew will be sleeping in his travel cot in the living room as he doesnt like going upstairs for some reason, whether its cold we dont know. as soon he gets out down in the cot he wakes up.
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Hi folks my name is Wendy i am mum to sophie 24 who has a very rare genetic condition called Coffin lowry syndrome I have a 20 yr old called John with no issues well exept diabetes and i have a 5 yr old son Matthew no probs I also care for my two beautiful grandchildren sophies boys who have coffin lowry syndrome both are non verbal have learning disabilities and scoliosis they have little spacial awareness and autistic traits oh and connor prob has adhd they are both seriously high maintenance and life is not easy but they are beautiful boys and they bring out the best in people wherever they go. Connor is 7 and Tommy is 6. I have major problems at the moment getting housing to meet our needs which is how I stumbled on this web site .OH and I guess you would say Ime turning into a grumpy old woman as I am becoming very opinionated and seem to get on my soapbox more often these days am in to all green issues got my first allotment this year more politics and am very concerned by the amount of chemicals/ vaccinations and the impact on our beautiful chidren you see I am off again
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(12-01-2009, 08:42 PM)wendynogs Wrote: Im turning into a grumpy old woman as I am becoming very opinionated and seem to get on my soapbox more often these days

I actually think having a disabled child can cause people to stand up for themselves more and having an opinion of things because i know for myself that with my son i am having to fight many things and i have a opinion about a lot of goverment thingsUndecided

So i maybe in the grumpy club now as well :cmas_emoticon046:

Also Wendy you mention housing issues please feel free to post a thread in the Help section and lets see what we can do for you? :cmas_emoticon066:
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hi, i have 3 children. my oldest boy dale is 10 and has no difficulties, the my middle son reece is 6 years old and is waiting for a diagnosis of ASD, and my youngest is alexandria who is 3 years 9 months already has a diagnosis of autism & GDD. they both have lots of other issues too like with speech - my son speaks like a toddler with words and gestures, my daughter is practically non verbal except for echolia and some dora sayings. they both have many delays, worst being emotional and expressive. our house is like a zoo, but i wouldnt change it. i would however change the violence they do towards each other, as that breaks my heart but i always try to be there to stop it.

with my son i was very sure he was autistic by 18 months, i was so taken with managing his behaviours and odd ways and obbsessions that it took my daughter to get to 2 to realise she was also autistic. they have different types of autism, my sons is more of a higher fuctioning autism than my daughters - but i would not say he has HFA he is somewhere above the middle of the spectrum. my daughters diagnosis moved quickly, and the only thing ive had to fight for is her to keep her place at nursery instead of going on to a mainstream nursery. my son however ive had to fight for everything, and it has affected me as special needs seems to be the only thing i talk about these days.
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Hi im Sarah, I have Aspergers Syndrome myself and i have 3 daughters, Selda, who is 7and a half, who has no problems (well i wouldnt say that but you know what i mean lol), Seliona, who is 4 and a half and is autistic, and Serilda, who is 11 months and so far is ok but she is a bit young to notice too much really. Seliona was diagnosed with autism 2 months before she turned 3 but i thought she was autistic (with me having aspergers and knowing the signs) from about 10 months and by 18 months i knew she was. We are having problems at the moment as they are trying to make out she also has aspergers but she doesnt, she also like beckys son, is around the middle of the spectrum. Its hard work as she is struggling at school at the moment so her behaviour is terrible, her toileting has gone backwards, shes not eating or sleeping properly and its also having a big effect on Selda. Serilda, already at this age, has learnt to keep away from her or get beaten up!!

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