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hi im currently on a waiting list to be rehoused to a 3 bedroom house as mine is a 2 and is unsuitable for my youngest son.
we are currently 89 on the list so chances of getting one are slim.
My mum and step dad have suggested that we move back to theres and build an extension on top of the garage and convert garage into living room and kitchen. my son needs round the clock care and has emergency admittions into hospital meaning my mum has to travel 25 minutes down the road to take care of my eldest son. making it very stressfull im absoloutley worn out, private houses wont take us on as we are on benefits and as a single mum with no help near by its been very tough.
does anyone no if we would be able to apply for a grant to help with work, im unsure as i dont own house its my parents. any advice would be greatly apriciated x
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With regard to being on the council waiting list, have you done a medical needs application? As they can up your position if your awarded points for medical grounds, we jumped from about 8/900 to being in the top ten on medical grounds and had an offer within a week. Make sure you put areas down that are close to your mum and explain why you need to be near her...support etcc.

-ts difficult to get funding for such extensive works but I am aware that their are people out there that may be able to help, you would probably need to apply and I'm not sure how long it all takes or if it would even be aproved. I think it would probably be better to try and explore routes of getting higher banding on the council list

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Thanks for reply, yeah we did a medical needs assesment unfortunately my housing officer isn't very nice she couldn't be bothered to turn up to last meeting, she phoned instead. and there isn't alot of council or housing association houses where my mum lives. its just turning into one big nightmare at the minute. ive even had health visitor and consultant write to them and still no further forward. im going back in today but not getting my hopes up.
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Time to involve professionals here..... if your housing officer is the person making things dificult then they need taking out of the chain so you can get the housing you need!
Contact Shelterline for a case worker to take this on for you or if I am right about where you live then contact the independant housing advice workers at;
60 Beverley Rd
HULL, North Humberside HU3 1YE
01482 329 591
You deserve better!
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it took us nearly 4 years to move from a 3 bed first floor masionette to a 3 bed house. We got everyone we could involved to help us move as i was having to carry my 4 year old son down the stairs. Do you have a support worker that might be able to help you. Towards the end i was phoning up our housing assosation (council sold the stock over to them) twice a week to ask what was happing. I think they gave us a place in the end to keep ud quite.
Will your GP help you

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