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Mr Angry - Family, friends, work colleagues, even dr's and other professionals will not understand what you go through as they do not live it 24/7.

I have a sister that teaches pre-schoolers, many with learning/development issues, I also have a sister in law that worked with learning disabled adults - neither understand how difficult life can be when you live with someone that needs your support one way or another, day in day out. I no longer stress if they don't want to know, I have enough to think about without worrying whether they are even interested.

My advice to you would be to not put that extra stress on yourself - unless they live it, they have no idea no matter how you explain it.

I wish you well.
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what i think would be nice is when u see the different professionals that they all chat together instaed of us the parent having to say the same thing over and over again to the different proffessions that are involed its getting really frustrating i know im strting to feel like a parrot all the time
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Or as with our care when the consultants send letters to the GP and the receptionists just scan them onto the computer but no doctor actually reads them........
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Yes I think listening definately helps. I think you find you have to recount the whole story to a million people and its so annoying when its obvious they havent listened to a word & you have to say it all AGAIN!
Also being referred round and round in circles definately isn't helpful - or also telling someone the same fact and no one believes you. An example is that there is a playscheme in my area but it doesn't take children until the term after their 5th birthday. If I had a pound for the number of times I've been told that OF COURSE THERE ARE PLAYSCHEMES and that we can go on this playscheme and then NO ONE will believe me when I say we cant and they have to phone up themselves and check - even though I say EVERYONE else has already phoned up and checked, had meetings with them etc. The number of people who have phoned up this playscheme on my behalf to "just check" because they dont believe me - I think they've probably had to employ an extra receptionist to answer all the calls!
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thats just awfull. Asif you would lie about them not taking children under 5 when you need the help!! why would you ask for it if you werent willing to accept it? do they not see that? some people are just daft!


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