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hello my son is the same he uses the toilet sometimes but usually he just uses the potty. he did use toilets when he was on holiday he used the toilets. but i did hire a frame but he did go on the toilet sometimes when he was out. but he dont use toilet much at home so i need one because the one he has is his brother and sisters he needs a bigger one as his posture isant that gud.

I am guessing that by yr name you are in Windsor? which is not too far from ours. If you can get over to Aldershot to collect it its yours or if you have no transport we could delivery it but would depend where you are. Include yr E mail if poss so I can get in touch that way. Mine is kenmeljones@ntlworld.com.

To the previous answer - sorry I do not know the make

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hello lol my surename is windsor i live in mancheter. but i dont think you could deliver but if you could deliver i would be more than willing to pay the postage charge. my email address is i_luv_boyz_9@hotmail.co.uk. be nice to hear from you soon
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(09-13-2010, 05:03 PM)melchchr Wrote: This would suit prob - 5-10 year old. Never been used as my very autistic son will only go on the toilet. It is blue with adj. legs and black leatherette back rest. Removable plastic potty with lid in the middle. Nothing fancy but in pritine condition.


Would have to collect from Aldershot, Hampshire


I don't suppose you still have the potty chair for sale do you. I could actually collect from Aldershot as I'm in Surrey (Croydon) Thanks

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