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my son never went to the nursery, they wouldnt have him , he started his special needs school at 3 n 1/2 , he loved it , hes now 12 and in his 2nd year at a special needs communication college.. personally i d opt for the special needs school, tell them what u would like to happen regarding school hours, there very accomadating.. worth a try !!
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(09-09-2010, 09:38 AM)adoptivemummy Wrote:
(09-09-2010, 09:36 AM)vic Wrote: Hi

I was thinking the same as zaksmum regarding trying the sch once a week like a morning or afternoon
really dont know why you are made to feel like this have you spoken with the teacher?


I think its the manager of the pre-school that begrduges having Chloe there taking up a staff member one-to-one to be honest Sad

I would arrange a meeting with the manger personally and tell how you feel, my daughter was in a sure start nursery and we were not happy they tried to tell us she had ringworm when it was a bite from another child we had a meeting i felt a bit awkward as i sit on the management board but i had to do it and things got better x
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Hi Kirsty,

We went for a special needs nursery when our daughter, Lydia, was 2 1/2. She initially went for 2 days but this was quickly changed to 5 once transport had been sorted and this seemed to suit her better, we think due to routine.
Lydia could not talk or walk but could crawl a little when she started at nursery and was, still is, totally dependant on others for everything. She enjoys travelling in the car and also seems to enjoy travelling in the taxis. The special needs nursery did everything for her, fed, nappy changes, etc and she also had speech and physio sessions there and swimming once a week.
I went in to visit a couple of times at first and spent more time playing with the other children than Lydia, she was off crawling round the nursery area not bothered about Dad. That made us feel a lot better about her going to this nursery.
She is now 4 and has started school this week; she seems bigger now that she is wearing school uniform…

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So there is a statement in place?
What hours are set here and with what support?
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(09-09-2010, 06:38 PM)Daniel Wrote: So there is a statement in place?
What hours are set here and with what support?

Yes there is a statement, doesn't actauuly metion hours or anything just that she will require full one-to-one support throughout her education etc. It also states that she can start at sn school anytime from statement date.

In the meantime I have spoken with our Inclusion Support worker who has agreed to attend the pre-school next Tuesday when Chloe is in and tell them Chloe is ready to go up to her 15 hours a week to gage their reaction for me. I have a feeling they won't want her in that much so we may be going down the sn route sooner than we anticipated.

Will update on Tuesday!
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