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Confused I am a mum of 4 children...
son age,23, with learning difficulties and dyspraxia
son 15, high functioning autism
son 9, dyspraxia or something else? getting diagnoised soon hopefully!
daughter 7, highly gifted and talented but..IBS/chronic constipation.

Me, Multiple Scelrosis, IBS, depression, anxeity and panic attacks. Also I'm not sure but I have always struggled with "understanding what was/is going on" I'm having difficulties coping with all of the paperwork, organisating school and doctors/hospital appointments etc. If you thought that was bad...my house is a tip. I'm a "hoarder" by nature and can't stop myself!!

We are bidding to move but we need avry large 4-5 bed house and it has to be adaptable for my needs..."wetroom" and downstairs bedroom etc. Plus the needs of the children. A bedroom/sensory room for each of my sons as the two eldest share and my 15 year old son has nowhere to chill out and do his homework etc.
The two youngest can't share as he has violent outburst when he's upset and thats the slightest thing!!! My daughter has hormones already well PMS as far as I'm concened!!! So some privacy and a sensory room of some type too.

Both the youngest are in my room and I can't cope anymore! I want to give up but I know I won't!!!

Now the delima is do we move from the place where they love and its next door to their school and good neighbours who care about the children an myself. We are in a very good location!

I feel overwhelmed by the thought of moving!

So, that leaves me with acouple of options...
1. move to a bigger house and be brave with the packing, move and hope that its nearby to the school.
2. Stay and try to get a Disabled Facilities Grant for a wetroom and extra bedroom down stairs plus a loft conversion of some type!!!

Yeah, I know impossible as it a council house!

Silly idea...have a purpose built shed and connect the electric to it, get a porta potty and mini shed for a little bathroom and live in the shed all by myself!!!! Lol!!!!

Somebody please help me as I'm too confused, scared and chicken to ask for help, pack up and move!!!
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We were told that we could not have a loft conversion unless we paid for it ourselves. But i don't know the options are for different council areas.

I'm wanting to move to a four bedroomed house as well, but there isn't any were I live. I'm also a hoarder, but because this house is so small, I've had to get rid of a lot of stuff the last few days, I'm starting upstairs and working my way down, my bedroom is lovely now because of it and its now stress free (except at 3am when Jessica wakes up, she shares our room)

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we have put in for a move on medical grounds, mainly due to my partner smashing his legs up in an accident at work . we saw ot last week about having a ramp for the motorized wheelchair and some adaptations, but was told because we had regestered for a move (even tho weve not yet bid on any property) we were not eligible for a disability grant to have any adapations done .. so its worth enquiring to see if its the same rules in ure area.. were in north lincolnshire .. good luck
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I know here they won't build upwards or do loft conversions also got told they won't do a wet room upstairs anymore becasue of any potenial leaks,
Good Luck

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