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How you getting on with the painting?
What a time to start?
Poor you!!!
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i did the first coat on the celling, i was up the ladder and my son was up it too. eventually i had to give up, as getting up and down every 2 minutes tired me out. my son has to ask me everything like for his bottle even though his dad is right there doing nothing, he also asks me if he can go to the toilet (i have no clue why he does this) to have a wee but if he needs to do a number 2 he announces that hes having one really loud.

dale has gone to my mums for a few days so he can have a break, he hasnt had chance to play on his ps3 yet without the younger two wrestling for the control. so soon i hope to have the bedroom done so its his own space. alex is sleeping good in my bed so everyone is in fact getting better sleep.
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(11-27-2009, 02:55 PM)becky29 Wrote: we live in a 3 bedroomed council house, i do have to say its is quiet big. i have 3 children, my oldest is 10 years old. my second youngest is 6 years old - both boys. my 6 year old has autism and possibly adhd but is undiagnosed for now. my daughter is 3 years and 9 months and has a diagnosis of autism and GDD.

my daughter had her own bedroom (little bedroom) and my sons shared a bedroom. but this was far from ideal and on a daily basis my oldest son was being attacked by his brother and was being woken throughout the night. now i have taken my daughter into my room and given my oldest her room, as he is getting older now and its having an affect on him. at the weekend ive always sent him to his grandmas so he gets a break and some normal time. but as my daughter gets older she will have to go back into her own room.

i dont want to end up having to send my son to live at his grandma's, and was wondering if we could put in for a bedroomed house or a extention built.
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To becky 29,
I also live in a 3 bed house. I have a 15yr son with autism. My 2 boys ave there own room, i share with my 10yr daughter whos under assement for autism.
My housing dept seem to totally ignore my sons medical form and notes requesting he needs is own room.
Stating as i have 2 boys one 15 and other 12 they can share a room, and me and my daughter have our on room.
As they dont feel his autism! Requires his own room as hes "NOT SERVERLY DISABILED"..
I livedin a 4bedroom private house til recently as lanlord was selling up.
Ive tryed to get the housing to understand that Autism comes under THE MENTAL HEALTH ACT. As they suffer from stress, anxciety, depressing.( shouldnt this be enough for our children with any form of disabilty or mental health to qualify for there own room).
I havent given up, we now under cambs and i will fight for what my children should be entiled to, ( HELP AND SUPPORT).
So to all u parents going threw this pls dont give up, we not asking for a luxury house, just a suitable home with adiquet rooms for our family.
Thank you
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(11-27-2009, 03:37 PM)Daniel Wrote: If two people of the opposite sex have to sleep in the same room the accommodation will be overcrowded unless the two people are:

a married or cohabiting couple, or
at least one occupant is under ten years old.
The number of people of the same sex (unless they are a same-sex couple) who can sleep in one room is restricted by the size of the room.

Rooms that are counted include living rooms, bedrooms and large kitchens. For the space and floor area calculations:

children under one year old are ignored
children under ten years old and over one count as a half
rooms under 50 square feet are ignored.
As a general rule:

1 room = 2 people
2 rooms = 3 people
3 rooms = 5 people
4 rooms = 7.5 people
5 or more rooms = 2 people per room.
But the floor area of a room also determines how many people can sleep in it:

floor area 110 sq feet (10.2 sq metres approx) = 2 people
floor area 90 - 109 sq ft (8.4 - 10.2 sq m approx) = 1.5 people
floor area 70 - 89 sq ft (6.5 - 8.4 sq m approx) = 1 person
floor area 50 - 69 sq ft (4.6 - 6.5 sq m approx) = 0.5 people.

So basically the option availible to you would be to make a medical application on medical grounds.

The medical grounds could maybe be that you feel your son with autism needs his own room as your other children could be at risk with him if they were to share.
A medical needs assesment would need to be undertaken and you could gain support from doctors and social services.

Assuming you were awarded medical needs and the panel assumed the above this would mean one of your bedrooms could be discounted which would leave you with a 2 bedroom property for 4 people.

Because your one child is 10 years old and is a boy and your youngest in a girl they cannot be expected to share as housing law would class this as overcrowding and therefore you would be eligible for a 4 bedroom property.

In some cases it is more difficult for example if it was 3 boys and no girls were involved overcrowding would not be an issue but in your circumstance Becky you would be overcrowded assuming you can get the medical needs assesment.
A medical needs assesment would need to be completed and can be a timely process.
You would need to contact your local council for the relevant forms to complete and send to them.

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