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How you getting on with the painting?
What a time to start?
Poor you!!!
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i did the first coat on the celling, i was up the ladder and my son was up it too. eventually i had to give up, as getting up and down every 2 minutes tired me out. my son has to ask me everything like for his bottle even though his dad is right there doing nothing, he also asks me if he can go to the toilet (i have no clue why he does this) to have a wee but if he needs to do a number 2 he announces that hes having one really loud.

dale has gone to my mums for a few days so he can have a break, he hasnt had chance to play on his ps3 yet without the younger two wrestling for the control. so soon i hope to have the bedroom done so its his own space. alex is sleeping good in my bed so everyone is in fact getting better sleep.

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