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have to say, it is theft to keep it/throw it away same as it is if you cut your neighbours hedge and chuck the branches away Blush you HAVE to throw them back over!! if the housing association are aware of noahs problem and that it is part of his disability, can they not take steps to make the fence taller? either a)add fencing or b) some sort of netting like you see on gold courses??

The housing association really should be supporting you and helping resolve the issue. Its quite shocking that really the neighbours are reacting the way they are....my neighbours grankids ball comes over....i throw it back....same as my Children ball/frisbee or whatever goes over....they throw it back! i can understand your concern and worry as it cant be nice having housing phone you, quite intimidating really but in reality your neighbours are being trivial!! like i said, housing should be supporting you and speaking the THEM about being more considerate!!!

Sad hope its sorted soon xxx
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You mentioned arranging an appointment to discuss the issue with your housing office i would strongly urge you to do this.
But do make an appointment with a tenancy officer or a housing manager Smile
Take along letters from Noah's specialist/doctor detailing his issues and ask for help with the issue.
Maybe as for mediation with the neighbour to try and come to some solution together.
You can also ask for mediation yourself http://www.adrnow.org.uk/

I can imagine its so frustrating as in all honesty it seems like such a small thing but some neighbours can be bleeding well horrible people i used to have a horrible neighbour and it can be annoying knowing you havent done anything wrong.

Techincally any items going into there garden is trespass and any damage would usually need to be paid for but on the upside the neighbour has a legal obligation to return any items to you or allow them to be collected or they are commiting an offence so this is something to keep on board.
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please don't worry that you'll be in breach of your tenancy. By law you cannot be evicted or treated less favourably if the behaviour is because of a disability. If you go on the equality and human rights website, there is lots of info on your rights and they are a lovely bunch to talk to on the helpline too. Hope this helps x
Keely x

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