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Chloe has another MRI scan tomorrow to make sure the cycstic tumour she had removed on her spinal cord last Feb has not returned, I am really worried this time as she seems to be uncomfortable and that was the sign that it was there in the first place, don't think I could take another huge surgical procedure (followed by MRSA, grr) that she had to endure last time.

Wish us luck
Kirsty x
Mum to 3 gorgeous girls Bethany (12), Amyrose (7) and Chloe (4). Chloe has Septo-Optic Displaysia, Bilateral Schizencephaly, Microcephaly, Lissencephaly, Spina Bifida Occulta, Global Developmetal Delay and Epilepsy. But has a smile that can light up the grumpiest persons day!
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Good luck for tomorrow, as parents, we always think the worst.

Hope all goes well for you and Chloe

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I was worried about a similar thing a few years ago but it was just scar tissue causing irritation........ keyhole procedure with 2 overnight stays had it sorted Smile sometimes we fear the worst as a safety mechanism, anything less becomes a bonus and we can cope!
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Good luck hun, heres hoping everything will run smoothly and it hasnt returned! Not now, not ever!
Keep us updated!
Lea x
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good luck

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