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(09-01-2010, 01:33 PM)michellepotter32 Wrote: hi ive had the disabiled facility grant assessment which a surveyer come to see what adaptions we needed for our 4 yr old so we showed him round explaining what would help my son be more independent etc but after he told us that the house was not suitable for the adaptions needed he said he would put this in wrighting to us. so how can we get the council to move us either to a property big enough for the adaptions or to one of the many new build lifetime homes being built. we have sent letters from all the doctors from gos who treat him and ot report also stating that he we will need to be moved to more suitable accomadation but the council still havent changed his band c dsl3

Have you tried your local housing assosation to see if they can help you, Have you tried to contact your local MP

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