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my son has asperger and we are currently filing for DLA. we live in a very small 3 bed house. my son has 1 box room and my daughter hav the other and me and my partner hav our room. i wonder if there was any grants that wud fund me. i wound like 2 build a block buildin for my son so he can hav his football table up and chill wiv friends, he wil not play in the street thankgoodness, but he wud like 2 hav his own space. can any1 help with who i wud contact about this?
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In all honesty a local charity may assist you with if you could build a compelling case but this but is very unlikely to be funded by any major charities or local councils and the DFG grants wouldnt cover this.
In all honesty most DFG grants will only cover essential works such as a downstairs bedroom or shower or allowing access to rooms by widening doors etc for wheelchair users.
Whilst i would also love the room for the Children to play in and have some space we also have a 3 bedroom small house but i know we are lucky as many people dont even have this and are struggling to get even the most basic adaptions or even a house which is suitable.
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