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Sorry only just telling now but we been away, while away a got a call (weds) offering us a 3 bed house and downstairs extension for joe with en-suite wet room its in an area ave never thought about going to but drove past today on our way home going ring housing on tues so we can view it,
hope everyone ago


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Aww thats excellent news hun, Hope the viewing goes well, and its something what would suit your family and joes needs!
Keep us updated and good luck with it all! xxxxx
(Hope you had a nice time away) x
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Nice to see someone getting some help, hope the house is nice and good luck xx
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The housing officer can fill you in on all the detail....... a lot of areas have big plans now to work on community ventures and area improvement. and they have the money to do it now that funding doesnt go through the council!
Apart from the house being physically and environmentally suitable for your family make sure you ask why the last family left, are they aware of any ASB issues locally and if you were to accept the property what works and scheduled before you can move in (there was a spate of poor organisation recently where some families moved into houses then had to wait weeks for heating/hot water and even a couple that still had boarded up windows!)
Here's hoping it all works out great Smile
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fingers crossed for you, hope it works out Smile


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