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Good luck Becky, we'll ahve to see how we all get on. I'm hopeful this is going to bring on his speech and language and maybe reduce some of his echolalia

Daniel watch this space!!
Keely x
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my youngest daughter is 4 she is amazing very clever and makes us laugh so much. She is also being assesed for ASD, i know she has some of the difficulties as our older son who is 14 has Autism. About 18 months ago she was doing the same thing removing her clothes in the wrong place, or at home with vistors around. I would say think positive your children can undress themselves, they do it for a reason clothes are uncomfurtable, they are hot, ect. Unfortunatly our children are not the best communicators so their actions speak for them. Look at it another way when they start school they will be the best at getting undressed for PE. And yes we had the problem after PE of trying to get clothes back on, but they learn and in time they try to conform to what other people expect. My daughter has issues with clothes she only likes the very soft trousers, socks if she can push them right down so you cant see them, and the same jumpers. All winter she wears trousers so in the summer she will only wear trousers as she is not use to dresses it can take until the end of summer for her to wear a dress and then its time for trousers again. But her most favourite outfit is her birthday suit. She is 4 now and has learnt to keep her clothes on when we are out but at home we just remind her to keep her knickers on or i will pinch her bottom that makes her laugh and run holding onto her knickers.
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lol bless her. It is true, in all aspects that children with autism do seem to learn albeit VERY slowly. I talk to a lady who has a severly autistic son, no communication etc. She said she used to just let him do whatever and put it down to being autistic, biting etc. she said it was like his excuse. But when she had her daughter who is not autistic, she had to discipline him, and while for a very long time if fell on deaf ears, he now is starting to understand the biting is wrong (took about 3yrs for that one little thing)

Never thought of the getting naked being good for undressing for PE....lol, could your daughter not wear shorts instead of dresses in the summer, i used to wear colots(sp?) , maybe she would accept them more than a dress as your not changing the top half and on the the bottom alittle.


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