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Hi again,

If anyone would like to have a look at a range of hair washing equipment including information on their use - we have quite a few listed on Living made easy: http://www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk/bathing/hair-washing-equipment-395-p/

I'm definitely interested in hearing how you finding using them Kirsty. Glad to hear that something is going to be put in place for you though.
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(08-22-2010, 11:17 AM)adoptivemummy Wrote: Hi Guys

I hope someone has a really good system they use of have used to bathe/shower their child as my current system isn't going to be much use for much longer.

My husband and I currently bath our daughter together as she has no motor function at all, this means we carry her up the stairs, change her on our bed, bath her in a Manga Surfer Bather and then my husband lifts her out of the seat and passes her to me to carry back into our bedroom to dress.

This works for now and we hoped we could carry on like this until we have our adaptations and can shower her downstairs. However my husband has a genetic bowel cancer gene and he needs to have surgery to remove his large bowel in about 6 weeks. he will not be able to lift Chloe at all for at least 3 months and I don't think I can safely bath her on my own everyday for that time - she is nearly as big as me!

So what I am looking for is a bathing system I could set up to use downstairs in our dining room/Chloes bedroom!

Any ideas will be very gratefully received!
Kirsty x
can't you have a word with the people doing your bathroom and explain what is happing with your husband

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Well so far we still haven't received either the portable bath or hair wash thing (yes Daniel, I think it is going to be the same as the one in the pic). We are no where near getting the extension done either, but on the plus side my sister offered to come and help me bath Chloe upstairs once a week after my hubby as had the op (I wouldn't ask, but its nice to have the offer Smile )

Will keep you posted on whether we even get the equipment!

Kirsty x
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