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Pizza Hut- Staines
I'd avoid the above restaurant if at all possible, and certainly if there are any disabilities or health issues!
We prebooked for a large party, and requested a wheelchair accessible table. When we arrived, it was a number of tables shoved together, with the wheelchair expected to be parked on the end. This meant that every time someone wanted to get up from the table from the back row of seats, the wheelchair had to be moved, which meant impacting on the tables next to us! And as we had the buffet meal, that meant a lot of moving a wheelchair! There is also no way an adult wheelchair would have fitted in the tiny gap.
Staff were also made aware of my niece being diabetic, and the need for her to eat fairly quickly, but they still took an age to bother to serve us.
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eeek that doesnt sound like good customer service Sad


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