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Glad you had a good meal out if we did that with amy she would scream we took her to pizza hut one day and all she did was scream and having to wait was the hard bit as she sream even more x x
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That sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing. We had a bit of a hit and miss experience when we were on holiday in Germany this summer. Partly down to my husband's fault on booking a hotel but one hotel we stayed in on the 2nd floor with NO lift and had to lug DS2 and buggy up and down 4 flights of stairs each time. Then at dinner they only had ONE yes ONE high chair which another patron had removed to their room. So we had to eat dinner at a table with poor DS2 fed in his buggy.

We have learned our lesson from this experience though don't assume anything, always check everything ahead of going places and bring your own straps for the highchair!
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I am glad you had a lovely time, I must say our local f&B seems to be one of only few restaurants that will allow me to bring my baby in, n his specialised pushchair, so I have to big them up too x
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(08-19-2010, 06:15 PM)SusieL66 Wrote: Didn't know where else to post this but just wanted to tell you about our family meal out at Frankie and Bennys.

It's the 1st time we've dared to take Jack out for a meal in such a busy loud restaurant. I rang ahead and booked a table and at the time of booking asked if we could have a table overlooking the car park and explained that Jack has ASD and looking at the cars would keep him calm.

The girl who took the booking was lovely and said she'd make sure we'd have a good table. We were late getting there cause we had to go back home for Jack's 'special' mug (anything for a quiet life) but she'd kept our table for us (even though there were people waiting for tables) and sure enough it overlooked the car park. She asked if we needed anything special for Jack and to let her know if we did. We we're okay. Later on one of the waiters came and closed the blinds near us blocking Jack's view of the cars - the 'booking' lady rushed over to us to ask if Jack was okay and would we rather have the blinds open. He was okay as by this time he'd taken to 'people watching' and was also fascinated by the ceiling fans!

We just had a lovely time and Jack being relaxed and happy meant that the rest of us could enjoy our meal. I know it comes down to individual personalities in places like this but I got the feeling that they welcome people, particularly children, with disabilities - in fact, as we were leaving a family were coming in with a young child in a wheelchair. - SO hats off to Frankie and Bennys for good, caring customer service - hope it's the same in other towns and not just Hull.

i got admit the one i went to was fantastic they didnt know that she was disabled
but with all happy loud noises she was making lol
it draw the attention of the staff and couple of the staff was trying to talk to her
and with the music on there she didnt sound that loud lol
id definate be going back but when i got the money its was expensive to me but was well worth it
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We have two special needs children and we have been to two frankie and benny's in our local are - Edinburgh - and both are the same, welcoming, nothing too much trouble and you are treated like normal people! Hats off to F&B for getting it right! We always book though - it's always queued out and they are great, theyw ill hold your table for 15mins if you're late..

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