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Need a bit of help with this! I've just received my first BACS payment for direct payments, but I'm still no wiser as to how to sort it out! I was supposed to be getting help and advice regarding timesheets, insurance, actual payment per hour etc, its not happened despite repeatedly asking for help!
I'm employing my mum to help me, shes the only person I really trust and can rely on with my son. She's been CRB checked (that was bizarre but I understand the reasoning behind it!).
I'm entitled to 4 hours per week, but I'm not having set times, mainly because things change every week for us - for instance when he's at school obviously theres no problem, but if he has a hospital appointment thats when I'll want help if its at a time when my youngest daughter isn't at nursery. We also occasionally go out at the weekend, either to the cinema, or park, or museum, and again, its a help to have her around then as hubby does his own thing then and its a bit awkward with all 3 of them on my own.
I've also been told that I can save up some hours, and use them to take her on holidays with us as an extra pair of hands which is interesting....but no one seems to be able to tell me more than that?
It seems really weird, it was SO difficult getting the payments in the first place as we kept getting them refused, then I was suddenly told 'ok, you can have 4 hours, set up a bank account', and that was pretty much it?
I feel so stupid, I'm generally an academic person, but I've NO idea how to do this stuff at all?
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Hi guys

I have a social worker from children's disabilities team coming tomorrow to do Thomas's Assessment. Just trying to think of things to talk to him about and have it clear in my mind the sort of help we need.

I know there's a fair bit of equipment we need, respite time would be something to think about and help round the house if poss.

Any ideas, tips or suggestions? I'm really nervous, I hate social services!!
Keely x
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Hi, sorry I don't have any experience with direct payments but would like to wish you luck and I hope it all goes well. X
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(05-02-2011, 09:00 PM)Ilovecake Wrote: Hi, sorry I don't have any experience with direct payments but would like to wish you luck and I hope it all goes well. X
Aww thanks

going need some help on this one... Daniel help me!!

Had a horrible man come round this morning, absolutely useless with Thomas and took half hour to write down a sentence. I think I have been lied to...

He told us we can't have direct care payments, they are only given at managers discretion, and that we might get someone from his team to come every week for maybe 2 hours???
We explained that we wouldn't be able to have this and that direct care payments would allow us to choose the staff which would suit Thomas better as he is autistic and doesn't like new people. We also said there is certain equipment we have been advised to get, via dp payments. He said dp payments cannot be used on equipment at all. So Kev piped up and said well you can with adult services, so is it different for children then, also we thought that it had changed to dp payments being offered first as it gives families more flexibility and choice about their child's care and can be more dignified than having agency workers traipsing in and out of our home.

His party line was that dp payments wouldn't be likely and it would require special permission from management, and it would only fund a support worker, not equipment and not any of his therapeutic courses or therapies, nor would it help for support on holidays/ breaks

Can someone please shed some light on this

Keely x
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the 2 hours a week sound more like outreach than social services though they do work together at times.
is this your sons social worker or just a duty social worker? i would insist on a care assessment being done as this will show how much help you need and whatever he says he cant refuse to do one. you can also get a carers assessment as well to help you to access carers services (we have north staffs carers association here) again these can help support direct payments alongside disability solutions
sorry i am giving you the names of the support in stoke on trent but they are who i know Blush

childrens services are different to adult services (we are somewhere inbetween with matt at moment) does seem you can get more help in some ways when they are over 18. i havent heard anything about using direct payments for equipment As far as i know its to be used to pay somebody to give you respite whether its taking the child out or staying in with them so you can go out and have a break, this is usually instead of respite which is usually out of the house and either at another families house or a respite centre.

do you have an OT? they can help regarding this
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