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I am a Grad Student at Whittier College in Whittier CA. I am currently working on my Masters in Education and getting a Credential in Special Education. My brother grew up with an IEP for a learning disability. As part of my required coarse work I am to write a paper using survey questions that expands my understanding of the needs, feelings, and experiences of families with children with disabilities. My papers goal is to look for common experiences among families with a child with disabilities. I also aim to affirm the unique abilities and strengths of those with special needs and the ones that help them.

Can you tell me about the initial experience of finding out about your child’s disability?

What emotions were involved with finding out about your child’s disability?

Did a diagnosis affect family routines?

What sort of adjustments have you had to make to accommodate your child if any?

In what ways was the diagnosis burdensome?

In which ways was the diagnosis a positive one?

Do you feel that the school is capable of providing life skills that will support your child into adulthood?

What does your child need the most help with academically?

Do you feel that your child makes and maintains friendships well?

How do you see your child in ten years?

What are your child’s strengths academically, and otherwise?

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