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Hi there,

I heard about similar courses through an autistic site on Facebook. One of them did mention the earlybird one that you have begun. I hope its beneficial Smile Every little thing we can do to help can make a difference.
Oh Lucy i waited since April this year to see someone with help regarding managing my sons difficult behaviour and i finally saw someone last week! It does take a while, how long have you been waiting? Its going to be a long process too, no magic wand here x
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i was refered in july and got a letter to acknowledge my referal but have heard nothing since. The hospital have also refered me to their in house play specilists to try and help him co-operate with his treatment as he is becoming intollerant to alot of it, eye drops, pump night feeds etc. and i am also about to go through group assessments with him to see how he interacts with his peers.....should be interesting.....there definatly is no magic wand, although i really wish their was Big Grin or if i could just tell what hes thinking, sometimes he looks so sad for no apparent reason its heartbreaking Sad

are you a facebook addict too? Big Grin

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im always on facebook, well you know the spare 10 minutes here and there while alexandria is lining potatoes up then giving each one a little kiss (yes i wash them - lol), and my son is watching on demand cartoons (the same one over and over - i could probably just recite the script right now!!!). we have a laptop and a p.c so someones always on them.

you can only go on the earlybird if you have a diagnosis - which in itself irks me as my son would much more benefit from a diagnosis because of his age. i see the same doctor for my 2 children and she just said to me while my son is more able to commuincate whereas my daughter just wouldnt bother. she said she can understand from my view because my sons behaviour seems worse. although my son hasnt seen her for about 10 months, because our appointment in august he dragged me out of the docotors office screaming his head off. whereas she usually sees him being so nice and lovely. to me the earlybird program promotes the autism first then i think you build on play and communication skill (not just speech) then you work up to the behaviours. my son seems normal if ive done things they way he needs them to be done. im quiet passive so my sons strong personality doesnt clash with mine, my oldest son is like me too which is why hes a fantastic help. my partner has adhd so he can clash with the Children over whos boss, but he finds it difficult to see its not about whose boss.

ive never heard of the webster until my daughters nursery ran a course and they were more than eager for me to go on it. if it wasnt run by my daughters keyworker i wouldnt have gone because some of the things other parents were finding bad behaviour i found hard to accept, but as the weeks went on they would say 'oh this step wont work for your children'. and that happened more and more. but still i learned lots, if anything it gave me ideas to think of new stuff to do with the Children and helped me see that both need there own time with me - stuff like that.

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