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hi mum2josh sorry not been on for ages but boys keeping me very busyn with appointmnents ect,where r u from hope u have lots of help and support where u are be nice to hear about josh and urself plz feel free to email me ect if u need rant or chat.hope every1 else is good and getting ready for the summer hols disruption and mayhem to look forward to great any1 doing anything nice im meeting up with a great support group on fb called global developmental delay great group .
i have 4 special children emily 9 thomas 3 and id twins who have gdd who are all the greatest
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HI - just joined this forum and I have a 2 and a half year old daughter no diagnosis at the moment just GDD. She walked at 21 months but still delayed physically, she has hypermobile joints and speech delay of about the same as a 14 month old. The main issues conerning us at the moment is that she pulls other children;s hair constantly. Literally 5-6 times an hour at nursery...and really pulls. This has been going on for over a year and getting worse. I am at my wits end..we cant go near any soft play, parks etc any more. Any advice most welcome, I just dontk now what to do.

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