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Blushmy twins have just been diagnosed with significant gdd and would love to meet or talk to other parents with gdd as want to gain more information so be nice to hear all your experiences and what helped and what doesnt zoexxx
i have 4 special children emily 9 thomas 3 and id twins who have gdd who are all the greatest
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Hello hun,
My lil man has Severe GDD.
Hes 5 nearly 6, and currently functioning as a 2-3yr old.
Has spech & lang delays, behaviour probs, hole in heart, heart murmor, flat feet, glue ear, over sized tonsils - no formal diagnosis as of yet.
Sam currently in mainstream school with 121 support. (He be going into reception when hes back, even though he should be in yr1. but he was held back a year in nursery)
Look forward to talking to you about ur twins, and hope your all well xxxxxx
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I have 2 children with gdd, Nicole only has a couple of words and a few signs, Jessica is only 3 and she has no words or signs YET, she just claps and smiles which is very cute. In September both of them with go to the same special needs school with 1-2-1 care. It caters for children with severe needs from age 3 to 19, which is brilliant cause i don't have to worry about changing school when there 11. if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
HeartHeart Stacy HeartHeart
Mother to Terry 10 MLD + ADHD, Nicole 9 Cri-du-chat Syndrome ADHD Asthma GDD Coarctation, Jessica 4 Cri-Du-Chat Syndrome GDD Reflux
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I have 1 son (3yrs) who is Globally delayed. We do not have a formal diagnosis yet. He was delayed in all his milestones. He walks now but still needs support on steps and very uneven surfaces. No words yet. Does some signing mostly while we sing nursery rhymes Smile But he is a delight to be with. He is very social and loves being around other children. He will start in a special school soon which caters to children with learning disability.

I decided to give up my job and be a full time mum and since then with repeated therapy he has made significant progress.

I would be happy to speak to you as its nice to get input from others in the same situation.
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hello hun my son is 5 and he is staying back inb reception he has dont a year in there alredy and he should of gone into yr 1 awell. he has complex needs. his behavior at the moment is bad he can hit out. if you like to chat give us a message or write on here. be nice to speak to a parent who know what im going through

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