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Has anyone heard of Dreamflight.

I knew a young disabled girl who went on one of their holidays and she had a fabulous out of this world time. So I thought I would post a link


Once a year, 192 deserving children from all over the UK, accompanied by a team of medical carers, board a chartered Boeing 747 and head to Florida to spend 10 magical days of fun and excitement. Many children could not undertake such a trip without the support of the army of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and non-medical volunteers who care for the children 24 hours a day.

Dreamflight is not just a holiday. The children leave their families behind giving them an opportunity to discover independence, confidence, and a whole new outlook on life. Often for the first time, these children realise that they are not alone, and they are not the odd one out. They see children around them who have also suffered, they gain perspective, and experience things they never thought possible.

Dreamflight children have gone on to amazing achievements. In 2008, 8 of the returning Paralympians from Beijing, many of them medal-winning, had been Dreamflight children citing the trip as a turning point for them.

Dreamflight, which has operated every year since 1987, believe that fun and joy are just as important as medical research and equipment - especially for children who perhaps can't wait long enough for the breakthrough they need or whose illnesses and treatments have brought pain, distress and disruption to their lives.

Dreamflight does something that medicine can't.
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Hello Groovy thanks for giving us all that information.

Have you heard of the make a wish foundation they ask for 3 choices ie holiday, garden, house. We went to disneyland paris last year on the euro train son loves trains, everything was paid for even spends for our son we just had to take spends for the 3 of us. Got to meet mickey mouse, get a character & autograph book and a fast track pass that lets you queue jump the rides and even stay on them longer. The characters come over and make a fuss of you. We stayed in the Newport Bay Hotel all the make a wish families stay there. Brilliant time, and we went when the celebrations for christmas was starting. ITs nearly 12 months since we went it only seems like yesterday.

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(08-03-2010, 09:53 PM)Groovy Wrote: Has anyone heard of Dreamflight.

I have. I have raised money for them when I worked for Tupperware. The head of UK Tupperware feels very passionately about Dreamflight and they donate to them regularly. It's a great charity. Feels a bit strange now though that it's possibly something that my son might need when he's a bit older. I would never have though that when I was raising money for them a few years ago Huh

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