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nicky, it usually takes about 6months to get a statement i think so i would start it maybe beginnig of the year before he starts in the september? speak to everyone involved in his care such as doctors, SALT, physio whoever he sees and ask their opinion on what they think he will need assistance with in school as they will be asked to do a report, i would definatly get a report done from the playgroup he attends too as they have a knowledge of his care in that sort of environment. we are going through the statement process now, it is daunting and i am wondering what the end outcome will be, i believe if your not happy with the statement draft you can ask for changes and also if the statement isnt enough when he starts school and the school find they are struggling then they can compile their own assessments and request extra funding Smile

why does everything have to be so complecated eh? Undecided

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Hi my Mother in law had the same problem as you except it was with regards to her daughter who was 7. By law they cannot discrimminate your son and make you come to the school to change his nappies. As part of the inclusion policy for schools they have to change his nappy. My daughter has a tracheostomy and the school had to have designated members of staff to deal with Lucies trachie as she attends a mainstream school as part of the inclusion policy. If you don't have any luck in challeging the school speak to the education board as they sorted things for my mother in law!
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thanks Lucy, I'll wait till then, wasn't sure as some people do them at 3yrs I didn't do my eldest until he was 10 and wish now it was done a lot sooner cos now he doesn't have a school to go back to in sept. School decided they could'nt cope with him anymore 3 mths after statement was done, if it was 2 mths we could have got them to name another school on his statement and he could have changed schools alot quicker.

Hope your statement goes good for you, your too right everything so complicated. x
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hi my son is 3 yrs old and in nappies he has got 1 to 1. never has there been an issue with nappy changing he has been to 2 mainstream nurseries (house move). i have always been the one to mention changing time because Alex is gastro fed when he does soil its like nuclear fall out! one senco did say to me that children do not have to be toilet trained when starting school anymore, if the school are accepting of disability then they should have no preference of how the disability affects the child whether that be gastrostomy, napppies or equipment. the prospect of going back and forth to change your child when they are more than capable dosnt appeal to me maybe you need to find another nursery thats more understanding?

I never thought it would happen to me.
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hi thanks for your help, my son will only be at this school untill he finishes nursery then when he goes full time he will be going to a special school, any ways iv emailed parent partnership who are being very helpfull they also told me to email the mangers of assessement and review team and communications n interation team for help with the transition plans aswell as the nappy changing and the lady from assessment n review team as also forwarded my email to the schools review officer to try and sort both these issues out, they have all said that because of my sons full statement there is no reason why they can refuse to change my sons nappy as the extra person is just funded just for harvey.and also cos its stated in his statement that he isnt potty trained it should be anticipated that this part of his needs need to be catered for by them. so thankfully every1 agreed im right to challenge this and hopefully they will sort it for me!! thanks for your help kerry x

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