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Hello Ella if you are offered equipment for your child dont go by looks take it and see if its suitable for your child it might not be but give it a go dont go by first impressions as others have said.

My son had lots of very big equipment and we only have one room but it helped him when he was very young.

If the seat has been recommended give it a go as he will grow out of it.

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thanks for all your replys , logans and jacobs mommy that lecky looks well scary too :o(
i think it is porbably an acceptance thing as jaimee does not look disabled and sitting in this i am sure she will ,
just sort of dreading it , but dont get me wrong i will have anything no matter how scary it looks if it is going help her . i know i am going to get upset when they are bringing this ,
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hey ella i actually posted on here a while ago about how i was upset by all these chairs,splints etc. i think it just hits home how much of a struggle our Children have. all these things are to help them and deep down i know they will,its just hard seeing them get used to it.xx
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My dad got upset when he first saw maddie in her wheelchair but he's accepted it now and that it's just the best piece of equipment for her to get her from A-B. Acceptance of things is hard, and it's tough on anyone, especially in the earlier stages or when something new pops up but I agree with what the others have said, just think of how it can help and if things get you down at all, come on here and we'll all be here for you. x
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If anyone wants to have a look at the Bee chair you can do so here on Living made easy for children:

Some children really like the character on the side, but you're right Ella - it can be off-putting to others. Each to their own I guess!

There are lots of other styles of chairs available these days, and many can be customised in terms of fabric and colour choices (both for the seat and the frame) so that children can choose their favourite colours and feel like they have more control over the equipment they are provided with.

For example...
Multi-adjustable activity chairs: http://www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk/children/multi_adjustable-activity-chairs-2846-p/

Tilt in space activity chairs: http://www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk/children/tilt_in_space-activity-chairs-2847-p/

Corner/floor sitters: http://www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk/children/corner-or-floor-sitting-chairs-2843-p/

Hopefully you might be able to find a chair amongst these that would meet your daughter's needs as well as being more aesthetically pleasing.
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