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(08-04-2010, 07:39 PM)kerryh86 Wrote: hi thanks guys...and so the wheelchair services give out buggys for autism safety and behavioural reasons?

matt had one for a few years and he is autistic, used to be a pain when he would climb out of it and run off as got some funny looks lol we went through two by time we stopped using it (airport lost the footrest so as the tyres were a bit worn from using it on beach they replaced whole thing) but they have better straps on them now
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Just wondering if you contacted wheelchair services at all?
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hi no we have never been in contact with wheel chair services, wouldnt know how to, iv tryed to find the number online but couldnt, iv just sent back a questionairre to OT so i will either wait to see them unless i come across a cheap second hand 1 in the mean time! our speech therpist said that its OT job to refer to wheel chair services so il just wait till we get a appointment

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