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Hello 'sclarke19'

I have just come across this website out for trusted tradesman it is a government endorsed site.

You can find a reliable tradesman in your area.

Go to http://www.trustmark.org.uk

Put in your postcode and what type of service you are after.

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(08-02-2010, 02:06 PM)sclarke19 Wrote: Hi, At the moment we are privately renting, we are moving again shortly, (same landlord just bigger house) so the the property we are currently in we didn't bother decorating as we knew it was only temporary. We have to get a bigger house for Max, as most of you know the equipment alone could warrant needing a garage! Anyway, the problem is that the house basically needs stripping and then re-decorating, not just the walls but the carpets too, and seen as this house is fairly large the cost of this is going to be a struggle.

Does anyone know if we would be entitled to any help or do you only get help if you live in a council property.

(We did get awarded priority with the council but there were no suitable properties available at the time, not to mention the fact that they deemed any 2 bed suitable, irrelevant of size, which was the whole point in moving!)
i would of thought that your landlord would have to get it decorated and put in carpet for you, have a word with him and see what he says
Thanks for reading xx

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