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(07-28-2010, 08:47 PM)corinne Wrote: and if it came to that i would find a way to buy the house to prevent moving to a smaller property as this isnt big anyway just has 3 bedrooms

Im sure there are discussions underway to scrap the right to buy policy in the near future.
They have already scrapped it in Scotland.
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I think it is a good idea in principal. There are always exceptions to that.

I can see people having more children just to keep their benefits/house.
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in stoke they changed it from 2 years to 5 years before you could buy and we moved in 2 month to late from when they changed the ruling but we had some promise that as we have been here for 6 yrs if they change goalposts again or scrap it then it will only be for ppl that arent entitled to buy their council house yet and those that have been in theirs for over 5 yrs are still allowed to buy but like with all officials they make up their own rules Big Grin
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I do understand that older people would want to stay in there homes but to be honest the rule is a bit silly I think the government are going to spend far to much money trying to enforce this new law and the outcome will be that the major majorette of under occupied housing will be pensioners so what's the point I know that round me there are at least 20 oaps that live in 3 bed property's.Im trying to get moved into a bigger place I have 3 girls in 1 room and 2 of them have problems and disturb my eldest every night.And my son has his own room. I need a 5bed place cant see that happening and I don't want a huge million pound town house in central London !!!!!!! or shall I am higher lol I think most people now what Im saying thereDodgy

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