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Hello Mockingbird
Thank you for joining parents of disabled children and i hope you find the site useful and get involved.

From me and all the members of Parents of disabled children a big hello and welcome and please feel free to introduce yourself and your tell us about your family.

We hope you enjoy the forum and if there is anything we can help you with just let us know or if you can help our other members out please jump in and get involved.

We are one big family here and we welcome all new members with open arms.
Look forward to hearing from you and reading the introduction to your family.
In the meantime if you need any guidance using the forum this can be found on the following links:

How to use the site

Forum rules:


Stick around the forum as its members like you that makes this forum extra special and im sure you will be able to meet people who are equally as amazing
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Thank you so much. I am still navigating through this forum and at the same time still trying to come to terms with the diagnosis our 10 weeks old baby has been given. Unfortunately we only were advised of the condition she has officially via a social services referral letter thAt we have yet to receive officially (we were given a copy of the letter by ss line manager). We now have a new paed (it was her original paed who made the ss referral).

Our baby has been diagnosed with bilirubin encephalopathy and also auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder. Life looks like an endless stream of appointments at the moment.

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