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H Lea89x

he poos in the toilet in the day so hopefully he will in the night. He sounds very similar to your son as he too smears and i have to clean sheets and he is up at night wanting to watch his dvds.

Hopefully his diet may improve and he wont have to go so much at night, i know it will happen as he is dry during the day. I accept that it can take people with learning disabilities a little longer to train but I hate doing nappies! I have an 8 year old, six year old and my son who is five. I am sick of s**tty nappies! Its all I have had in 8 years!!!
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I can understand what ur on about with the nappys and it may sound petty on my behalf but i can not change sam at all.
I have to leave it to the partner to do, as hes poo stinks like something rotton. But like ur son, Sam is a fussy eater.. well not so much fussy. But he wont eat meals as such and will just pick and bits and bats. (and i wonder why hes trousers never fit hes belly lol) Hes in 4-5clothes (length fits great but some drown him.. good job majority have adjustable waste or ide of had it ha!!) x

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