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Hi i am a newbie to this site and wondered if i could get any advice as dont know where to start

We own our own house (mortgaged)3 bedrooms and have 4 boys aged 9,7,5 and 2 and another baby due in dec my dilemma is my 7 year old ds luke has autism and has to share a room with his 3 brothers which is now proofing difficult as luke really needs his own space and has nowhere to go to be alone (which he likes to be most of the time)he gets really frustrated and throws himself on floor especially if approached by his 2 yr old sibling,we had an appointment with his consultant yesterday and she agreed he needs his own room/space if we had been in council accomadation she could have helped with relocating to a bigger property but obviously cant cause we own our own home.

We have thought about turning the room the 3 boys share into 2 rooms but that means only haveing enough space for beds and would still mean luke sharing,our only other alternative is a loft conversion but we just cannot afford it have tried to get remortgage and loans but turned down,is there anybody out there can help us.

thanks ali
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dunno if its worth a shot or not .. but have you talked to your local housing/council offices .. the may be able to advise you ... some housing associations do house share type ..not sure what its called but they own half you own half ? if you dont ask them for help you dont know what they may be able to offer .. they may even be able to direct you to a home improvement loan from a charity .. not bank .. maybe also the Family Fund ?? ... another option .. that will sound totally mad is IKEA ! .. they specialize in fitting EVERYTHING into such a small space ... maybe he could have the tiny room and the others have space saving ideas in the bigger room .. good luck hun x Nicky
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Thanks for the post and i just wanted to say hello and see where you currently are to see how you could possibly move forward
Have you ever been assesed for a Disabled facilities grant at all?
As that may present an option for you.
Also have you taken any advice from organisations such as Shelter yet?
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I think some specialist advice is called for here. Shelter is a good place to start and a google search using your town/area and adding housing advice , housing aid, law centre or housing specialist to the search terms.
The shared ownership schemes are a great idea BUT to qualify in most areas you need to be a first time buyer or paying for 2 homes through divorce/separation Sad Direct.gov and your local council website will show you what is available in your area on that scheme.
The disabled facilities grant may well be the best route but rather than taking it all on yourself....... get an expert to do it and save your remaining brain cells for family life Smile

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