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Just wondering the people who have answered so far what rates of mobility you have in place and also those that answer it from here on in if you could mention it too Smile
Would be great to compare how people are being awarded with use of wording too.
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i have high rate on both, have had from the beginning and the mobility did say for life originally but now they both say indefinitely but think i was more lucky than good at form filling as i hopeless at it Big Grin
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We get higher rate Mobility
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My son's 10 and will only walk holding on to our hands, can't go out by himself as he has no sense of danger he would walk into the road if a dog came near him. When he has a meltdown he throws his shoes and runs off, I end up leaving my youngest in his buggy with my daughter and his brother while I have to run after him otherwise he would cross the road without looking, We get middle for both.
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I put Joe has no sense of danger and is likely to just go into the road without looking someone has to be with him constantly i also put that he cannot walk very far without feeling discomfort and mentioned the broken bones he has had due to falls when the form asks when does this happen i put it is unprectiable and it could happen once a month once a week once a day plus behavoiral issues

for the last 6 yrs we have been awarded high rate for both

Mum of 4, Christopher 15 Joe 13 Kate 12 Rosie 3
Christopher type 1 diabetes Joe Rare Chromosone Abnormality associated with Microcephaley Global Development Delay Dysmorphism

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