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Hi would anyone be able to help me I'm trying to do the mobility part on the renewal form it's the smi part I'm trying to make sure I get the wording right..its giving me sleepless nights I just want to make sure my words are correct..

My son is asd non verbal
Global delay
Sensory processing disorder which is quite bad
Hes just had a feeding tube cause of his complex sensory issues

Any help would be much appreciated
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I always make two copies of the form. On Daniel’s DLA form I wrote that he cannot move his legs and feet at all. He is paralyzed below the waist and uses a wheelchair for public places and a pair of leg braces as part of his therapy regime. His lesion level is L1 in terms of mobility it usually means that some one will have to help ensure that he does not fall over in public places. This includes the roads too. I put the words flaccid paralysis deliberately to catch their attention.

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