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Hi Daniel, i hope you didn;t think i was being nasty by saying it's the parents. I was saying that i think in some cases here in my local area the parents seem to think that they can let their Children roam the streets all day (some as young as 3!!!!), swear at people drink smoke and generally being abusive that it means they are entitled to claim that their child has ADHD without once questioning their skills as a parent. Some of these children can behave when suits and therefore prove the point entirely!
Like i said i have worked with children with ADHD and they are very demanding all of the time, but it doesn't mean that they are abusive and foul mouthed. manners cost nothing and i have looked after children who have perfect manners but are as hectic as hell! I'm sometime sooo knackered after a shift i wonder how the parents deal with it day in and day out! I have to take my hat off to them! (and you and your wife!)
I did tell stuart our Children are like angels compared to some children i have looked after! lol
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(07-25-2010, 11:15 PM)luciesmum1 Wrote: Hi Daniel, i hope you didn;t think i was being nasty by saying it's the parents.
No not at all Smile
Just a detailed post and i went on abit explaining about how school was for me Big Grin
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Lucy thankyou for that post...I am not offended you are spot on hun. My son is well discipilined and it does show.....but he is very very very active! Lol Disappear
I have been doing reward charts since he was 3!!! He does lots of academic work at home which is REALLY difficult at times but Im sure its helped him. He is a lovely little boy and is loved in school by, but he is like the roadrunner!! Always on the go!!

As for the wild child here( he he he ..Daniel) you have good insight in to what its like to be written off and pushed aside..what a bloody shame though....but it makes you fight that bit harder for your own Children eh!...and thank god I havent had this happen with my son 49
Like your daughter my son doesnt have any friends for long....they cope for a week or a couple of days and then need respite!! He hasnt been invited to a birthday party for three years! But we have recently seen a nurse specialist and he will be attending a therapy group twice a week through the school holidays to help with this, an educational psychologist is also going to do some work with him and his group in school. This didnt come easy and I have battled for this help...but I am a stubborn bugger!!!
Our Children deserve as much support as they need to have a happy fulfilled life .... this makes us mummies and daddies so much happier too xx
What a lovely place to find support xx
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I find this a very interesting statement. The school my son attends must be the exception to the rule if this is the case. We have fought the school from day one to get my sons diagnosis and needs recognised and met . The fight goes on. He attends a primary school with a role of almost 800 children yet they state they have currently 4 children with a record of needs(that statement alone shows how out of date they are). Can't remember where I read it but it is my belief that they want to assess all children pre school to see if they have SEN. I think that this is far to young for some conditions and is in no way going to help. It will hinder a child who may just be a bit further behind in developing.
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I new something wasn't quite right with my daughter before she could crawl she wanted to bounce constantly and I do mean constantly.the muscles in my arms proved it lol.my health visitor agreed with me unfortunately she retired while trying to get the ball rolling when she was only one and half my point is schools don't rush to statement Children.Tia is now 8 and finery the school that I talked to before she started are now pushing to get her assessed.Im at my wits end with her and three of my youngest have scars and bruises.She isn't just a naughty child as some people may think she gets very down about what she has done.she just cant stop and think before she dose anythingHuh

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